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Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year

After seeing the wonderful entries printed in the recent Landscape Photographer of the Year Volume 8, including the sensational winning image from Mark Littlejohn I decided I’d enter some images into this years Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.

My previous post was of my earlier entries to the LPOTY in July where not surprisingly none of them got shortlisted. I cannot expect too much from my entries especially since I have only really ventured into Landscape photography since March of this year and I have a lot to learn and can’t wait to enjoy every moment doing so.

I currently spend far too many hours as I’m sure my wife Louise will testify looking at and studying work from photographers who regularly get printed in such books, as well as troll through documentaries, tutorials and websites of some fascinating artists/photographers hoping to pick up the slightest bit of knowledge to help me develop as the photographer I aspire to become. I will be joining Doug Chinnery in February on one of his workshops in the Cairngorms where I’m hoping the experience will be invaluable to my development and really can’t wait to go.

So it is with this aspiration I am putting myself through the pain of certain rejection again by entering some more images in a competition, namely the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year. I am basically using this experience to try and self critique my work better where hopefully I can use this knowledge to help my choices when setting up, choosing subjects, deciding on my goals and generally photographing in the future.

So here are my entries, mostly new ones taken since July.

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