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My Ordinary Week #21

The latest yet. Apologies, but as ordinary as it is, these weeks are getting frantic and not in a photographic sense.

Week 21 was the start of a particularly hectic fortnight. The schools were off and it was my eldest daughters birthday which falling during half term has almost become a birthday week.

We managed a few days up in the Trossachs though and we dragged the girls out for a walk, it was wet and windy but we wrapped up and went for it. True to form, we hadn’t even left the avenue of the hotel when they started moaning with a few strops thrown in for good measure, but I’ll give them their dues they eventually got stuck in and we managed a good 3 hr walk and through new territory for me too. Conditions were terrible but I managed a few shots, noting some areas for potential in more preferable weather.

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Certainly a colour frenzy in wet woodlands at this time of year which I do struggle with, especially when processing. I’m never comfortable with such high saturation in images and constantly try to bring it back to something more neutral, this is only heightened by the fact there was no light at all in this particular wander.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for a party then a family gathering but on the friday there was a chance of mist in the morning so I managed to get out for a few hours since the celebrations were calming down a little.

My plan was to head back up to the Trossachs and revisit a few of the places from earlier in the week. But on my way up I passed a woodland I’d always wanted to explore and at the time of arriving it seemed to be engulfed with morning mist and sun was about to come up. So off I went into another new area excited at what I might find and in atmospheric conditions too.

Almost as soon as I started exploring you guessed it the mist started to rise and thin in amongst the trees. I wandered closer to the edge to try and catch any light that might filter in but the sun was not making much progress breaking through.

I had a decision to make, make my way back to the car and head for my original location which was 30 minutes further on, and hope for better conditions or continue to explore. I went for the latter as I thought since I was there I’d be better seeing as much of the woodland as possible so I would be able to judge whether its was worth a return in future.

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It was a rewarding walk but more so to tick the location off or at least appease my curiousity every time I passed.

From here I took a quick run up to Loch Ard just to check on the conditions and if there was any foliage left to change. A road side capture shows the gloom and mood of the place. I think I’m hoping for a lot these days, as I have seen favourable forecasts but it always seems to be when I’m unable to get out so expecting it all to fall into place on the one morning I can, is expecting a lot. But, Che Sara!

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Autumn is fast becoming a frustrating month for me. Not only the weather playing havoc but my work/life has been hectic lately and I’m struggling to fit decent excursions in between it all. Here’s hoping for a little more luck with what’s left of the season and it won’t be long until the colder mornings are more frequent and winter starts to take a hold, throwing up it’s own unique delights.

Apologies for the lack of content this week but under a title of My Ordinary Week I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much to start with. I’m beginning to think I’ve jinxed myself with this blog where I’ve hardly had a good week since it began. We’ll see!

Thank you for reading once again and please feel free to comment or get in touch.

Until next week……..

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