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Portraits, or lack of them.

I’ve been looking through my catalogue for portraits and just realised it has been years since I consciously made an effort to create a portrait image of any merit. I used to love the idea of capturing the hidden life and expressions behind an individuals mask that they put up in everyday life. I was hoping to enter an image in AP Magazines monthly competition, which this months subject, Portraits. (If I do enter I better remember to copy and paste the tick passage to the email since I’ve only just realised I never did this in the previous 2 rounds and so my entries would be void, oops!) Going through the archives I have came up with very little and have since tried to create something while out with the kids to make up for this, but have found I am way out of touch, although, there is still a glimmer of thrill and excitement bubbling away which has possibly started a little fire of enthusiasm again. Maybe, who knows!!!

Below are my shortlist images of possible entries, none of which really excite me except possibly the emotional one of my youngest daughter taken 2 days ago after she got upset over a dog running away with her stick while playing on Stevenson beach. She will kill me on her 21st when I unearth this from the archives.

Anyway, from this selection process I think I might try and do a little more portraiture especially when I have such willing models in my over enthusiastic daughters, if for nothing else but to humiliate them in future years. I am quite sick really, so I’m told!

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