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Outdoor Photography Magazine – In The Spotlight

Back in February I got a lovely email requesting an interview with me for Outdoor Photography Magazine, by far the leading magazine dedicated to Landscape, Wildlife, Nature and Adventure photography. The excitement quickly went from flattery and elation to, ‘wait a minute is this a spam email’? After a few clarification emails back and forward I was back to excitement before then wondering what on earth they want to speak to me about.

I went over my pile of back issues of OP and reread other ‘In The Spotlight’ interviews which only filled me with dread. Suddenly all I could think about was the interview and trying to find something in my short time as a Landscape Photographer that would interest anyone reading the Magazine. Knowing many people far more experienced, interesting and talented that read the magazine only added to my dread.

As time went by eventually the day of the interview arrived. And, after all my worries it inevitably was all without need. Nick Smith quickly put me at ease and the interview flew by, not without me going off on many tangents as I tried to find something interesting to say. Before I knew it, it was over and Nick tied it all up with very kind and complimentary comments about my work. It was all a bit of a blur as I tried to recall what I actually said, but it was done and there was no more I could do, what would be would be.

And now its arrived through my door, within its beautifully glossy cover.

Image by  Pieter Ras

Image by Pieter Ras

Two images accompany my article and now all the nerves have gone and all I can do is enjoy the fact someone was interested enough in what I’m doing with my photography to have me tell my story. I’m honoured and humbled to be within the cover of this magazine, I’ve been lucky to feature in the One Thing This Month comp before but this is entirely different and I am hugely grateful to Steve Watkins (Editor) for suggesting I do it, and to Nick for making the process very easy.

So to anyone who hasn’t subscribed and received the issue early, it is available in the shops as of Thursday 5th May. It’s a great read as always with outstanding images and articles from regulars and many other talented photographers including Verity Milligan, Matthew Dartford and Dave Fieldhouse. You can miss out pages 64-65, there’s nothing to see there!

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