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My Ordinary Week #2

Well if you’re returning after reading last weeks blog then a huge thank you and if it’s your first visit, welcome and take this weeks with a pinch of salt as it’s not been the most exciting week for photography (again). But as I’ve said before it’s all about seeing this blog develop which I hope is in a positive way.

So let me get on with it. Well my only opportunity with the camera fell on a visit through work to Edinburgh where I had about an hour to wander the city centre. So as the camera of choice for this type of thing was the wee Sony RX100ii. It’s a great little camera that easily fits in my pocket even with an added filter adaptor on the front.

Firstly I took a stroll to the National Gallery where I had a quick walk through the lower rooms where even without gracing the hung artwork with merited time, I still took great inspiration from the wealth of variety and talent on show. A place I hope to return to soon with little time constraints.

The Royal Scottish Academy

Steps in Princes St. Gardens

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I then made my way along Rose Street to St. Andrew Square stopping at the occasional street corner.

Off Rose Street

St.Andrew Monument

Building Detail

St.Andrew Square Path

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It was now time to go to my work appointment but not before admiring the office block foyer.

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So that was pretty much my very ordinary week in photography with the only other notable addition being the briefest of recce to the towns common green which is a very small area next to my daughters school. For once I was early for the school pick up so grabbed the Sony and went for a look around. In the right conditions it has some potential but then again so does everywhere.

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I’m glad I called this blog #MyOrdinaryWeek as hopefully no one has great expectations of it and this one certainly supports that thought. Having the advantage of seeing into the future of this blog, next week should at least have one or two more interesting images.

Thank you again if you made it through to the end, if even one person enjoys it then that in itself is a huge bonus.

Until next week…….

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