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My Ordinary Week #11

This week started with so much promise but soon pittered out to rank alongside the most ordinary of weeks.

With a forecast of mist/fog with bright skies above I set the alarm and headed in it’s direction. I knew where it was and had a few locations I’d scouted marked as first stops. My biggest hindrance was time though, with sun up at around 5.45am now it’s generally more manageable although it flags up one major obstacle for me. When my wife is dayshift she has to leave the house about 7.30am meaning I have to get back for the kids. This was the case on this occasion and with the forecasted mist/fog 30 minutes away I had to work fast and hope for it all to fall into place.

Needless to say it didn’t go to plan. My first planned stop was flat with no light or mist, the next was just thick dense fog. I was getting impatient after envisioning a walk for an hour in one location instead of frantically driving around.

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I moved to plan C which was head for the edge of the mist and see what I could grab as time was moving on. The sun had begun to filter through in parts so I just stopped at a small group of trees I had past, knowing they were holding onto the swirling mist.

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With only mist and bare hills around this spot I decided to have a play with some ICM and try and create a mood rather than an image. I fired off a few wobbly frames and hoped there would be something to work with.

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I left for home as It was now approaching 6.45am and I’d had to go just a little bit further in search of conditions. I did stop to look back at what I was missing, wishing I had the time to wander unhindered in the locations I’d planned as I knew they would develop as the morning moved on. On this occasion it just wasn’t to be.

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The rest of the midweek was mainly work orientated so there wasn’t the opportunity to get out. Working through in Edinburgh on Saturday evening/night though I took a moment to check up on a small patch of poppies and daisies I’d spotted before but being unable to stop and investigate. With no light to work with it was more about noting the location and how the conditions would best suit it in the future. And as is becoming more common I also gave the camera a wee shake.

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With it being the last weekend of the kids holidays we wanted to spend it with the them, so I stayed up from night shift and we took the kids down the coast to our favourite wee spot at Dunure. For once in what’s been a pretty pathetic summer the weather played ball and we had a great day. I wouldn’t leave without taking a few shots though as I just love looking out across the Firth of Clyde to the Isle of Arran.

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So once again that’s my Ordinary Week, notably this one living up to the name I may add. It’s hard to believe this in my 11th week and I’m realising how easily time passes which has lead me to appreciate these little opportunities I get to spend some time in the outdoors. This blog is becoming more and more like a diary of my photography and I find it useful to look back and actually see that I’m lucky to be able to get out so much as it’s very easy to believe and moan about a lack of outings, it may be the case but there are always moments to be had and I for one appreciate that they come my way.

Once again may I thank you for reading and I hope you got some enjoyment from it. Please feel free to comment or get in touch, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next week……

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