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My Ordinary Week #10

Double digits!

I can’t believe I’ve stuck with this and more importantly I can’t believe you are still reading this. A huge congratulations and thank you for your perseverance.

One thing I have noticed when looking back over these blogs is my lack of opportunity. It all seems to be the odd hour here and the odd hour there. This week has been no exception with two evening dashes after work being my brief moments with the camera. I will be doing my utmost to address this in the coming weeks especially as the excitement builds in anticipation of the approaching seasons (I do love Autumn and Winter). I have already noticed the odd patch of colour change in the trees and already my interest has been lifted from the usual summer slump.

As I mention there were only 2 very brief outings this week, with the first coming on my way home from work when for once there was a chance to capture the last moments of light on the Eaglesham moors. There is a patch of marshland I had pinned to return to with a few dead looking trees dotted among the long marsh grasses. I decided to go with the Infrared converted D80 to try and highlight the contrast of shapes between the trees and shadows in the grasses.

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The only other outing was typically ill timed. On approach to an area I feel has potential but have yet to find the right composition and condition combination, there was wonderful dramatic late light filtering through patchy clouds, filling the landscape with golden light and lovely long shadows. As I parked up and rushed to my location to set up, right on cue the clouds thickened and drowned out the light. I waited patiently to no avail so was left to search for possible future shots that might allow me to set up quicker the next time timing is so critical.

I did take a few shots though but used the now dull conditions to practice some intential camera movement (ICM) images. A million miles from being confident in making these shots it is still very much a huge learning curve. I played around with one shot when I got home.

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With so little content in this weeks blog and to mark my 10th week I felt it would maybe be the right time to share my 25 Landscape Photographer of the Year entries that never made the shortlist. Disappointed but far from disheartened with much better and more accomplished photographers sharing my fate this year, so I will not be getting hung up on it. To be honest competition is becoming less of an appeal to me this year for some reason where I have just been trying to shot what I like by finding and developing more of my own style. Lots more work to be done but it will drive me on further than any competition will. I’m not ruling out future entries, far from it just measuring my expectations better.

Anyway here they are, 25 images I chose to enter, a mixture of Classic and Your View. Each will need a click as they’re all in varying formats and the thumbnails are set to square. I’d also like to send a huge congratulations and good luck to all the shortlisted photographers I know out there, I hope to see a friendly face at the top end when the results come in.

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That’s another week over and hope once again you enjoyed my ramblings or at least the odd image. Thank you for reading and would love to see you here next week. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Until next week……

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