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My Ordinary Week #1

Welcome to #MyOrdinaryWeek Blog, where I hope to share my week of photography no matter how trivial but hopefully there will be enough good weeks to carry this along. I do like to try to keep active and not let a week go by without taking a photograph even if it is just for reference of a new location for a future visit or try a new technique or just to play with a different subject. And along with the story should hopefully be a few images of interest. I may even use this to give my views on any relevant photographic news/events that are current to that week. I will see how this develops and hopefully in a worthwhile way but I’ll just get on with it.

I’ll try and keep it to within Monday to Sunday as a guide but not a rule. So looking back at this first week of the blog, it’s not a sizzler to start with but this is what I want to show, the everyday adventures and non adventures of this particular amateur photographer, trying to juggle family and work around the desire to get out there.

My first opportunity came from arriving at IKEA at 9.15AM after doing the school drop off thinking it would be open but found it didn’t open until 10AM. So what would I do? Well I made the short trip to Govan High Street which wasn’t a place I had ever been before. I got out the car and went for a wander firstly along the banks of the Clyde then towards the shops. Govan has it’s own reputation but it seemed pleasant to me and from my short stroll I could tell it has loads of character and characters. As is mostly the case I had the Sony Rx100ii in my pocket and took a couple of observational shots.

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Banks of the Clyde

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Secure Seat

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Teddy Bear

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Banks of the Clyde – I found this overgrown disused slipway to have a quiet calmness and with its air of sadness to the remnants of these once bustling docks.

Secure Seat – I found this garden chair secured and nailed to the fence outside what I presume to be the entrance to a travelling community site. I wondered if it was a seat for pleasure or a guarding post.

Teddy Bear – this chained bear sculpture was on the edge of an area that I gather was in recent times a landscaped garden where children and families once played. There were other secure animal sculptures hiding beneath the overgrown shrubs and grass, the story of it’s demise is something I will probably never know.

It was a pleasant evening on Friday so after the sun had dipped behind the fence I got the Tokina 100mm Macro out, not a lens I use a lot but I have started to play with some flora and macro stuff in these summer nights. It’s an area I am very alien to but if it means I’m using the camera then I’m happy.

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Garden Macro

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To be honest I didn’t really get into the whole thing so it was no surprise it wasn’t long before I had the Tokina on the Infrared converted D80 and going for some monochrome patterns in the garden.

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The weekend didn’t produce any further opportunity for a proper wander but there was a brief evening stop when I noticed some lovely low light accompanied by a brisk summer warm wind. I was passing a spot I have visited on many occasions less than 5mins from my home. The kids entertained themselves in the car while i nipped out to try and capture the movement of a tree in full bloom. This ended up being my last image of the week and also my favourite.

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Blowing in the Wind

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The only other thing I did manage to do was develop some film I had sitting from previous excursions which when dry and scanned left me with 2 images from the roll of 12 that I quite like.

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Dunure Castle ICM

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Douglas Path

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The first image was from a family day trip to the coast at Dunure. Another frequent spot for me but with this image I held my Lee Big Stopper over the lens of the Lubitel and gave it a wobble to try and create a monochrome ICM of the coast and Castle. The second was one I had forgotten about, made near Douglas in South Lanarkshire when I was exploring an area I had been before. Each image has loads of imperfections but these are the little things about film that I’m falling back in love with. Which reminds me I’d better order more film.

If you’ve got this far then I thank you for sticking with it and I hope future weeks will be a little bit more exciting where I will at least manage a proper trip or dedicated shoot. I’m not promising anything right enough but one thing is for sure that the only way must be up for this blog (I hope).

Until next time………..

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