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First Cover Image

My cover image taken in Lewis

My cover image taken in Lewis

I was absolutely thrilled to here Outdoor Photography Magazine were going to use one of my images for their December Issue. When it came through the letterbox, and I saw it for the first time I’ll have to admit I had a rather big smile on my face. I’m very grateful to this Magazine and particularly the Editor Steve Watkins who has supported my work in many ways especially in the last 12 months, which has allowed me to grow in confidence and believe that I might be doing something right somewhere. Hopefully I’ll use this confidence and continue to develop my work naturally and to produce work that pleases me as I do believe it is the only way to enjoy and get fulfilment from making landscape images.

Coincidently I already had an article ‘Quick Guide to Shooting Infrared Landscapes’ in this issue which Steve had so kindly asked me to do, so needless to say I’ve bought a few copies as well as my subscription one to keep and maybe leave around some coffee tables.

Quick Guide to Shooting Infrared Landscapes

Quick Guide to Shooting Infrared Landscapes

If you haven’t read this magazine before I highly recommend it. It is the best landscape and wildlife photography Magazine around with every issue packed with advice, inspiration and information. You can subscribe and also submit work here It’s certainly not done me any harm.

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