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My Ordinary Week #18

As mentioned in My Ordinary Week #17 I spent the end of last week at my in laws in Aberfoyle and so begin this week with the morning walk back in the Loch Ard Forest. I went out in darkness of dawn as the rain continued to lash down with low cloud hugging the surrounding hills, much the same as the previous evenings walk.

Within 5 minutes I was under the canopy of the forest and walking along the wonderful trails that snake through the wet woodlands. Autumn still has some work to do here but walking in the wet is one of my favourite things with cool clear air and no midges, it’s heaven.

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I found some nice locations that will burst into life ounce the colour change is complete and I will hope to get back here a lot more often over the coming months. Down at the water though there was some atmosphere dropping down from the hillsides as I looked along the Loch.

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On my way back to the family I stopped to take a panoramic of the view west along the water as the cloud lifted. An 8 image stitch but cropped down to 2:1

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The rest of the week was to be more mundane, with school runs and work but with the wee Sony in my bag I did capture the odd bit of interest from the cab window when stopped in the right place.

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There was the very brief chance to explore and capture some observations of a small part of Carlisle’s very large Kingmoor Yard on Saturday while working and preparing to head north again. I managed to fit this in between torrential rain showers that were moving in frequently and clearing just as quickly.

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With working all weekend there wasn’t any planned photography outings but on my way home from my shift on Sunday I decided to stop off at a woodland I’m waiting to explore in the right conditions to check on the progress of Autumn. I’m not sure how this year is going to pan out because going by this little patch there seems to be extremes with a lot of the leaves already on the ground leaving loads of bare areas while the Bracken was still vibrant green. I’m hoping we start to get some cold nights and mornings soon with some calm winds, but I won’t hold my breath it’s a bit of a long shot. One day I’ll be in this place in favourable conditions, I don’t know when but I’m determined for it to happen at some point, all I can do is keep coming back.

I captured a few shots for reference.

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Another week gone and I’m currently about to try and fix my Sony Rx100ii LCD screen after a wee accident, but more about that in next weeks blog.

Once again thank you for reading and as always please comment or get in touch and if you like this blog please share with your friends.

Until next week……

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