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My Ordinary Week #17

On this Ordinary week my first photo opportunity was when I had 30mins to spare between pick up and drop off at after school classes. There is a small public park next to one of the schools so even though it was raining I went for a wander to check on the progress of the Autumn colour change.

There were little bits of colour beginning to pop especially in the wet conditions. I wasn’t here to shoot anything but since I had the wee Sony I decided to try and capture some details with the intention to create a multiple exposure image later in photoshop.

These are the three shots I decided to work with.

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As I mentioned, there was a little colour but when I got to work on it the natural tones were soon switched to more ethereal, changing the whole feel of the image. Creating these images are all about personal preferences and about finding something that speaks to the individual. Here are the two images I got from the three shots, one colour and one mono.

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Next up was work related where I captured some observations from my cab window when stopped in a yard. Some time can be spent in these places as trains are loaded, unloaded etc so when possible I try to have a look around me and see if there is anything I find interesting. I have to add I do believe I had been neglecting this type of photography recently but it was a visit to the website of the wonderfully talented Iain Sarjeant who had just added new work that got considering practicing more of this type of work. If you haven’t already done so, go and get a coffee or a glass of red and spend as much time as you can browsing his site, you won’t be disappointed.

From that inspiration here are my feeble images from around the steel works at Dalziel. I did apply a classic camera filter to these in Analog Efex to give a rustier feel.

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The next morning started as the previous, early and at work. On this occasion when driving the train through the central belt of Scotland there was patches of mist everywhere, at all the places I had marked to visit in such conditions but all I could do was admire as I sped through the countryside. This can be quite frustrating at times but then I always remember I’m actually lucky to be able to witness such beautiful landscapes and watch as it changes as I pass through with the light varying by every mile. I did manage to capture a little light from the cab again when I reached my destination. Not nearly as dramatic as was elsewhere but I did like the way it fell across a more industrious landscape.

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The weekend brought a couple of days off and some time to check out a location close to home that had been on my list to explore for a while. This only came about after travelling to a woodland I’d been to before where morning mist was forecast, needless to say the forecast was wrong when I got there. In the past I would have drove for miles to try and find the conditions I wanted and usually to no avail. So I made a point to not go chasing anymore and just about turned and headed straight to my unexplored urban woodland instead.

It turned out to be a very worthy walk, for one it appeased my curiosity where I could tick off a new area. I did make a few mental notes where I will be able to return in the right conditions but for this morning the sun did eventually break through the cloud on the horizon and still had enough warmth to fall pleasantly on the woodland in places.

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When the sun did eventually lose it’s softness and creating harsh shadows within the woods it was time to get the infra red converted D80 out for the remainder of the walk.

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Sunday brought a huge change to the weather with rain, rain and more rain. We were off to visit my in laws in Aberfoyle for an overnight since it was the holiday Monday for us and the girls were off school. Rain here is much more acceptable, well at least when it falls straight down and not horizontal in gale force winds, luckily this time it was the former conditions. The surrounding forests and mountains hold the low cloud creating wonderfully atmospheric landscapes.

After being fed until I was ready to burst by my hosts, my brother in law and I went for a walk along the Loch Ard Forest Trails which are basically at the end of their road. It was very moody and wet but the air was as fresh tasting as it gets and it was a great way to walk off the previously gained calories.

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Walking home in darkness I made my mind up to return early in the morning to see if conditions had improved. One good thing about visiting here is there is no need to drive in the morning meaning it’s safe to have a social wee dram or two with my family without having to worry, as long as I here the alarm I’ll be up and off out the door.

I did manage to get up but this wander will have to wait to the next blog as it falls in a new week. I’m also keeping it as there might not be any other chance to get out so it might be the only images I’ll be able to show.

So that’s it again for another week, I’ll be honest I had thought it was going to be another barn week of photography work like #16 but now that I’ve looked through the content it surprised me how much I managed to shoot. I’ll put that down to making a point of remembering to get the wee Sony out of my bag and looking more closely to my surroundings, wherever I am.

If you’ve made it to here then thank you for reading, I hope you get something from it and any returning reader may I take a moment to especially thank you for putting up with such ordinary work and ramblings and hope you will continue to visit here in the coming weeks. I’ve no idea how long I will stick with it but so far 17 weeks have flown by.

So again thank you for the support and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch either through the website comments, email or social media links.

Until next week…………

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