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My Ordinary Week #15

Welcome back to the blog where it’s back to living up to the name where it was very much an ordinary week. Ironically I was off work all week but it was to look after my girls more than anything as my wife had to go away for a few days.

It was a good week all the same and I managed to get the girls out on Saturday when the weather was at it’s best. We headed up to the Trossachs and Loch Katrine where I took them out on the Sir Walter Scott steamship. They loved it and I managed to get a gauge on how the trees were changing as we approach autumn colour. There was some nice little light pockets falling on the slopes of Ben Venue but the majority of the foliage is still quite green with only the first signs of any change to be found on the odd Birch tree.

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We also passed by my inlaws in Aberfoyle and went for a walk down to the river where there is a nice little wooded area on the banks. The girls were doing there best to get the attention of the horses that graze on the other side though they weren’t for paying them much attention as they munched their way along the river bank.

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The midges came out soon after and we dashed back to the inlaws house for shelter as the sun dipped below the surrounding hills.

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Well daddy time wouldn’t be daddy time if it didn’t involve a camera at some point so on Sunday night I got them in front of a speed light for some fun portraits.

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The fighting and laughing did stop for a brief moment but I had to be quick as these moments don’t last long.

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Apologise for the family stuff but it just goes to show how little landscape work I got done this week. We all have these times I’m sure but I’m hoping there will be more opportunities to get out more in the coming months.

The was one additional highlight this week though. I’m a big fan of photography books and one particularly exciting new release announced this week from the wonderful label Triplekite Publishing was that of Melanie Collie, an enormously talented photographer that is full of creativity. Here is the description of the book.

“‘Elemental’ by Melanie Collie ’Elemental’ tells a pictorial story of the sea, and its power. In its first part how it affects the man made objects placed within it, and secondly how it shapes our very planet at a natural erosion and shaping perspective. The images within this book are an exploration to capture the essence of change, of making and remaking, of time and tide and the stories they leave behind. Each year the harbour residents watch the boats being winched out of the harbour to sit by the edge of the ocean during the wild winter months. I see the stories of time spent in the water. Each boat, so different in colour and size, left with a different pattern, telling a different tale of the ocean. The landscape changes with each tide of the ocean. North Cornwall’s coastline can be harsh and rugged, with ever changing patterns, colours, shapes and pathways. Each walk uncovers new treasure created by Mother Nature. Erosion peels back layers of Mother Natures story. The rocks, as they move with the ocean, share the ancient stories of their landscape, created over the eternity of time.”

— Triplekite Publishing

Pre orders with a free print close tomorrow 15th September 2017 and with loads of varying buying options you can order from here but be quick. My order was in as soon as I saw it. With this and the William Neil book coming soon from the same publisher it’s going to be an exciting time waiting by the letter pox.

I think it’s time to bring this weeks blog to an end. Once more I can’t be held to account when I call the blog ‘My Ordinary Week’, if you expect too much I will be sure to disappoint.

But seriously, thank you for taking the time to read it and it won’t always be so dull, I promise, but I do think it’s good to share the quiet times too instead of just the good times, well thats what this blog is about after all. So, again thank you and do feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any questions or queries.

Until next week……

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